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(** My service works worldwide**)

Imagine having your website showing on thousands of web pages on the front page of google across EVERY town and city in the county\state that you cover, and also these pages showing on googles front page for every service you provide… how many new clients and sales would you gain!


Let me give you an example (watch the video for a better overview)

Let’s say that you own a van rental service in Kent in the Uk, Now imagine whenever anyone types in any of these terms into google you are on the front page

(take a look at the video where we show for some keywords our pages are taking up 5 spots on the front page)


Hire a van in Chatham in  Kent

Local van Hire Dartford Kent

Luton van hire in Rochester

Recommended van hire company Maidstone

Small Van hire in Sevenoaks Kent

Best place to hire a van in Kent

Hire a large van in Gravesend

Trusted van hire company Tonbridge

Large van hire in Swanley Kent


I think you get the idea we make sure no Matter what somebody types into google regarding the services you provide in the areas you cover we make sure YOU are the company people see.

We do not stop till you have at LEAST 5 spots on EVERY front page on google.


Some keywords may only get  1-2 people looking them up every month, no problem we will still take them!, we gain you 1000’s of front page rankings so they all add up, we leave no stone unturned we go after EVERY keyword in every  Town and city in your Area


So how does this all work?


1.We build thousands of google friendly pages, 100% giving google what they ask for.


  1. We then tell Google about these pages and their bots will come and look at the pages and make sure they are good in googles eyes and then index them (make them visible).


  1. 100’s of these pages will rank on the front page of google just because we have given google exactly what they want (on page SEO)


  1. We then use our custom tool to make ALL of these pages show YOUR website so anyone looking up the services you provide will see YOUR website.


  1. We then over the next few weeks backlink the web pages, this will push up the rankings of all the pages and push the harder to rank keywords up to the top of Google.


Your website will rank for 1000’s of Keywords (terms people type into Google) leaving no stone unturned.



How I work…


After you fill the form out below, I will scurry of to my lab and do my homework and make sure that there is enough traffic for your keywords in the area’s you cover, if so then I will reach out to you, and let you know what I have found (traffic wise) I will then give you a quote.

if your happy then I will take the small monthly fee from you (there is no contract pay month to month)  *All payments are backed by Paypal protection


I then go and make thousands of Google friendly pages and then get the pages indexed and gain hundreds of front page rankings, at this point I will make all the pages direct to YOUR website.

Every day you will gain 10-50 new front page rankings as well as be seeing some keywords that say where ranked spot number 10 moving to spot 1

You will also see for many keywords your pages taking up 5+ spots on the front page, which in turn pushes your competitors into no man’s land!

Every day this will bring you more and more traffic which equals more clients and sales.


Ok sounds all well and good how much is this going to cost?


I give quotes on a case by case basis BUT I always make sure that my system equals a huge return on investment a good example would be someone that runs a roofing service in Kent he may gain 5k profit per job, however, my fees would be a little over £100 a month! How many clients would I need to gain you to cover such a low cost?, I always make sure it makes sense when it comes to ROI.


Once I have looked into the service you provide in the area’s  you cover I will give you a quote and we can go from there.


Ok sounds good so what’s next?

Simply fill the form out below and I will do my homework and get in touch asap