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(** My service works worldwide regardless if you sell products on an online store or offer a service in your local area**)

So let me ask you a question.. how many more sales\clients\leads do you think you will gain if you had a video commercial ranking on the front page of Google for ALL searches people make regarding your products or services you provide? (watch the video for live case study) yep I am talking about 1000’s of keywords, I make sure regardless for what types in regarding your products you are there…

So how does it all work?

  1. You make a payment which is payment protection backed by Paypal.. with my guarantee that I will have your video commercial showing on the front page of Google for AT LEAST 100 terms within 10 days.. (every day we take more and more terms) or your money back.

    1. You fill out the questionnaire I send you so I can really get to grips with what your product line or service is about ( I am available on Skype and email 14 hours a day)

  1. Between me and you we decide what type of commercial to make and get a script together

    1. We shoot the video that over time will be ranked for 1000’s of keywords (first rankings show in hours!)

  1. I find the keywords related to your products and services that are proven to be looked for on google by people

  1. I then rank the videos for the keyword terms.. people will then view the video both via google and youtube and come to your site and buy your product or service or join your newsletter etc.

  1. Each week we rank for more and more terms.. giving you more and more traffic and sales

  1. We work together every step of the way to make sure you get a great ROI!

Sounds great so what next?

It’s all about YOU getting a soild ROI i need to make sure i can do this for you so please fill the form in at the bottom of this page, so i can do some homework and make sure i can make you a good ROI, i dont want to waste your time and mine, as i don’t tie people into long term contacts so it needs to make sense for both of us, after i have looked at the numbers i will reach out to you and tell you my findings to give you an idea of pricing 1 sale for someone offering a trade covers my fee and well if i can’t get you one client in a month i am in the wrong game.. i make sure you see a good ROI.. that’s the bottom line

My guarantee

  1. Once I have reviewed your returned questionnaire I will get in touch with you, if for any reason I feel I can’t offer you an out standing ROI I will refund you no questions asked as I work on a month to month bases and there is no point wasting yours or my time. If your in profit I know you will stick with me.

    2. I will gain you AT LEAST 100 front page rankings in the first 10 days.. which will bring you traffic and sales.

    3.I will keep you in the loop every step of the way.

    * All payment are backed by Paypal protection

I am looking forward to working with you and bringing you new sales and clients…

(you can reach out to me at the form at the bottom of the page with any questions, I am also on skype 14 hours a day.. skype:about.trillions)

If you have any questions the please fill out the form below, or you can reach out to me via skype or facebook

Skype: about.trillions

Facebook: deano.bman

***Please fill out the form below so i can see if my service is a perfect fit for you, it’s all about a good ROI so fill out the form below and let’s talk***