7 Growth hacks to push your website conversions though the roof

7 Growth hacks for more sales

Howdy Guys and girls, thanks a lot for taking the time to come and watch this video and read this post.

Today, I’m going to tell you about seven growth hacks, okay, use some of these, all of these, one of these and they are just going to skyrocket your conversion on your website.

 A couple of points before we get started with the meat of this post  is 1, with some of these hacks I’m going to skim over the material a little bit and that’s because I want to do a video for each individual hack and give you some more in-depth information however if you got any questions about what I am presenting in this video and post then as always go to the contact form, send me a message and I’ll be happy to go in-depth with you about each one, or you can email me at [email protected] 

The next point I want to make is if you’re not collecting emails on your own website, and not doing email marketing, then you need to be! look it up online or look at some of the other videos that I’ve done on how to setup email marketing, collecting people’s emails on your website, It’s the method that’s going to convert best and get you so many sales.

You need to be doing email marketing 100% So, if you’re not doing that, then as I said, contact me or do some homework, look at some of the other videos first because this is going to be for people that are already collecting emails, So with that being said, I’ll get on with some of the hacks.


The first hack that I want to show you is Content Upgrades okay, this is just amazing. You’ve probably seen it on my own blog, and you should be using this for sure.

I will recommend using Content Upgrade Pro it works wonders for me and my clients  So that’s www.contentupgradespro.com

It’s just skyrockets the amount of emails you can collect. Now let me go over what it is. Basically with Content Upgrades, let’s just say, You have an article about fat loss, burning fat, So  in your article your going over ten ways to burn fat. (just for an example)

So you have got an article, 10 ways to lose fat,  you have a person reading your article  getting engaged with your content then there is a box halfway through,

something like this, “Download and get an epic bonus that will blow you away, includes a fancy PDF and checklist” or you could have you can have something like “Hi, I know that you’re reading 10 ways to lose fat, click here to get 15 more ways that are even better”,

using content upgrades example

(above: example of content upgrades)

you know, it just depends what your website is about. It could be cheat sheet a checklist, it could be an extra bonus to what your article is about already.

If it is a software, maybe it’s an add-on, okay, and what happens when they click, then it says just leave your name and email to get the extra content bonus use this and conversions will soar, I mean on the providers website, it says up to 56% more conversions.

For me and my clients, I am seeing the average is probably about 26%-27% extra opt-ins which is huge! this happens because you’ve already got the person who is engaged,  reading the article,  and of course they’re going to want more, They’re going to want the upgrade. So you just see such a huge, huge increase in conversions on your website magic!

It is probably the best tip out of the 7 for the actual rate of conversions, we are not dealing with sales, just conversions (more email leads) so you need to be email marketing for sure as this works like gangbusters, So my recommendation is Content Upgrade Pro. There are other companies  that have plugins but i recommend  contentupgradespro.com so that’s #1 Content Upgrades.



Now, the second one, I was really skeptical about, especially for use with my clients, okay, but  it’s just amazing.

It’s LeadQuizzes, so giving somebody a quiz to do, I thought that it’s not going to work at all but it does!

www.leadquizzes.com  I now use these guys because after testing it with a few of my own projects, I am now using it for probably about 50% of my clients because it just works.

I did ask one of my clients to provide case studies, being a bit slow,

so I’m just showing you on-site what has  be done already.

 Key To Success, Bourbon and Boots ran over seven different quizzes and it just paid off for them. What this is good for is social media, okay, people on Twitter, Facebook, love quizzes.

using a quiz to gain leads

 We tested on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. By testing different advertising platforms, We where able to make a huge breakthrough on Pinterest for example, they were able to get the cost per click down for one quiz to 0.03 cents (per email opt-in)  that’s just unbelievable and they ended up getting an extra 23,000 opt-ins using a quiz

Bourbon and Boots did so well ..one of their quizzes was “Can you pass this southern-saying challenge”

So it’s a little quiz, the person goes through, they are really engaged and as I said on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, users love stuff like this!

so at the end of the quiz the person is asked for there name and email. So the quiz is always related to what the person is selling.

So  for example, if you are selling women shoes, it could be a quiz about,  “do you know what these types of shoes are called?”  You get them  engaged, you get their email and then you market to them later on, as you now have them on your email list. 

LeadQuizzes is really good. I recommend you to check out it. It doesn’t work with every business. I’m not trying to say that it will work for bricklayer maybe, but the majority of people, it does work

So get over toe www.leadquizzes.com, have a little look around, of course contact me and I’ll give you my ideas on how to use it for your business.


Okay, the 3rd one is a little bit daunting for some people, but this is the best converting method to gain new sales at that’s doing a webinar.

If you want to convert people, it’s just fantastic. I did a webinar for a client. He didn’t want to actually do the webinar, he was not scared but didn’t want to speak  to speak to people live so I did it for him and for every hundred people that attended the webinar, we got five sales.

You’re probably thinking well that’s not particularly good, that’s not outstanding, but the product that we were selling on the webinar was 497 pounds, I think it’s that’s around 600 dollars,  so that’s extremely good, there’s so many companies that offer the facility to do your own webinar.

My pick is www.webinarjam.com

webinar webjam

the reason being they have got all the same features as everyone else apart from you can make the sale on the actual webinar and present buttons a PayPal button for example, and their support is really good when compared to others in my opinion.

First of all how to get people to the webinar? is probably your biggest question. Obviously your own clients, your own email list that you’ve got, Facebook ads and showing them to the people that will be interested in what you’re selling,  because the cost on Facebook ad is so so cheap and if you do good webinar, you just going to see a hell of a return.

It’s outside the scope of this video and post to kind of get into Facebook ads, once again contact me, I can tell you all about that, I’ve also got a video already on the site about how to get really really cheap clicks, so I hope that will help.

When you do a webinar, okay, you need it to be 80% content and helping people  and giving great information and 20% sales pitch so you need to just  really, really, really give value.

You can present yourself and can get on to the actual camera or you can do a screencast instead.

Like I said, it is just the best converting method, let’s just say for example you offer Spanish lessons, you have a Spanish course, so on your webinar for 40 minutes, you would tell people  how you can learn Spanish quicker, give examples, maybe get people involved on the webinar and kind of get someone to join in and have a conversation practicing Spanish live and stuff like that, and then at the end if you are selling a course, then you kind of plug the course at the end so 40 mins of value and training and 20 mins plug of your product or service at the end.

so you really need to give value okay and it also demonstrates, you know, what the hell you’re on about as well!

so like I said if you want to know more about setting up a webinar contact with me, I’m going to do a very in-depth video about this, because it’s just works so so well (coming soon)

So think about how a webinar can be used to promote your own  business. You can do a webinar promoting your products, your course, your e-books you know, whatever you’re doing, then get the right people in there, do a presentation, give value, value, value for 80% of it.

I run my webinars or clients webinars for about an hour per time, webinars are definitely the best converting way to get new sales.

At the end, you should always do question-and-answer, okay, get the people involved and even  people that don’t buy, you have collected their email address. and can market to them later on,  It’s just really good all-round



geolify ip detection

The next hack I want to talk about is geo-targeting, I don’t know if you have used dating sites, but, you know, you go to a dating site and it will say on there  “Hi, there are a 150 people online now that are from” (and then your location).

so dating sites  use geo-targeting and it works so well for conversions, because it’s more individualized for the end user.

so for instance you could have a shoe shop, you are selling shoes, someone comes to the site and a pop-up comes up okay and it says “Hi for today only, we have a 20% discount voucher, but only for people in (persons location)”

and the person who has come to your website is like “Ah! Well I am in LA, 20% off is great!” and then provides there name and email.

this can be used with content and popups etc and geo targets the person based on there Location.

So just think how that could be used in your business okay, maybe you’ve got an e-book or a book that you are selling that you can always have a pop-up come up and say

“Only for the people of (persons area) i am giving away the first 2 chapters of my ebook just enter your name and email below and i will send you a download link”

This is a way a great method to increase conversions i am seeing up to  a 32.5% rise in opt-ins using geolify  give it a go for free and see how powerful it really is.


The next hack that I am going to tell you about is to do with your shopping cart, okay, if you got good statistics\tracking on your site and you know what’s going on, you will be able to see how many people abandoned their cart before a purchase..

It’s a high number, it always is, okay. What you want to be doing is telling the person before they buy what they’re going to get, even with a tick box like here(see image below). I’m just going to quote from the dieting website (from image below) , so “yes Johnny I’m ready to start melting the fat from my belly, hips, thighs for today’s special price of 37 dollars, if in the next 60 days I’m not satisfied for any reason i will get a FULL REFUND.”

stop abandoned carts

This really helps with stopping people abandoning their cart, by telling them exactly what they are going to get and in this case assuring them with the refund policy it just stops people leaving and that equals more sales.

So just that alone, just doing that at the start before they put in their contact details and their payment details, really helps and you are going to see a drop in abandoned carts just with this method alone i am seeing about 20% to 27% drop in abandoned carts I have used this with about 32 people now, 32 clients. So that’s a big drop, and that equals more money in your pocket.

The next thing on the page that a visitor is going to buy a product from, have the frequently asked questions section.

 A lot of people  abandon there cart because they’ve got questions that are not answered and that’s why a lot of the time people abandon, so having a frequently asked questions will answer a lot of their questions and that in itself will make sure that you get more sales.

add a f.a.q

so find out the commonly asked questions, put them on the page. So someone could be wanting to buy but they may leave as they have a question that is not answered on your website. that’s what it’s about answering objections, and that will help with the sales The other thing you want to do is if they are going to abandon their shopping, they are obviously going to press (x) at the top of the tab.

You want an exit pop-up  saying “What’s the problem, can you just let us know why you haven’t bought from us today, so that we can provide you a better service,” then you’ll find out exactly what you need to add to the frequently asked question.

By doing this, you’re going to see a huge drop in abandoned carts okay, and you’re going to make a lot more sales so put that into practice okay, doesn’t cost anything to put into place.



plusthis.com, Like most hacks i have listed most websites offer a free trial.

I’m going to show you an example of this how this is being used. Basically, this is huge, with these people at Plusthis, they offer so many things to help with your email marketing.

get over to this plusthis.com,  one of the things that you can use it for is to put a timer, an actual live timer into your emails!!

Now I got one of these emails from a brilliant marketer, probably the best, Neil Patel, check out his website for sure.

He sent me an email and this is an actual live email, look at this, don’t worry about the content of the email, but above it, can you see that, the timer, okay. It is an actual countdown clock This is absolutely huge, it’s a live timer, it’s not a standstill, it’s actually running in my email, so 12 hours 10 minutes and 29…28… seconds.

I have used this personally for my own project and I’ve just started using it for client projects and it does not help with the amount of email sign up you get of course, it’s purely to gain more sales. 

Neil has already got my email address,  so what it does by having that in your email is that it increase your sales hugely. I’ve done tests with my own projects, I am starting to use it with client sites and up to, and I know this sounds ridiculous, but one of my clients has seen a increase in sales of 2,000%

that’s at the high end, but this WORKS!  it just cause a sense of urgency you know, obviously it is to do with psychology but it just works,! please use this guys.

EXAMPLE If you’ve a product you sell something like shoes in an email you can have something like “we are doing a 20% sale but it’s only lasting for 12 hours (and then have a live count down click in the email!)

One of the biggest marketers in the world, Neil Patel uses it, I am sure it’s working for him, it is working for me and now also my  clients and it can work for you.

so you can integrate this into your email, it’s just going to give you a lot  more sales. I don’t know if any other company is offering this service, I use plusthis.com,  head over there, they have got a free trial. Most of the stuff that I’m showing you, you can try it out for yourself for free, the LeadQuizzes and all these kind of things, they’ve all got free trials okay, so you can test it out for yourself at no risk or cost.

The 7th hack that I’m going to talk to you about, I went more in-depth with so you need to scroll down to the bottom of this post click on the link there.

this hack has it’s own video, because it’s just huge. It’s more to do with getting you traffic, but not only that, it’s going to rank your website so much  higher  in Google..

When you read it, you just going to be like, “Oh my God! This is just huge.” Okay, so I’ve done my own separate video for that, so scroll down it’s a whole system in itself okay, absolutely free.

there is nothing to buy or anything like that, it’s just that it has got its own video because I wanted to go a bit more in-depth and you can kind of put these into practice like today and see results today or the next day.

It’s to do with brand and searches, your brand and how you can use social media to instantly get traffic and not only that, it’s just going to rank your site on the front page of Google. You’ll see the power right away so go take a look!

I hope this video has been good and educational, just put some of these into practice guys. I am sorry, I haven’t gone into in-depth with any one particular hack, however, I’m going to do videos on each of them anyway.

If you got any questions, as always, fill out the contact form. My email is [email protected] 

So go and put this into practice on your own site guys, it’s going work, it’s going to help you with your conversions and more than anything, I just hope you’ve learned something from this post and put the advice into practice.

to your success!

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I hope you have got some VALUE out of this blog post, if you have any questions then please feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me via the contact page.

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